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Making the world sound better, one voice over at a time....

Steve's Experience...

With a background as a talented and successful DJ, Steve segued into the voice over world in 1996 after a long run with Atlanta’s hottest radio station, 96 ROCK. After voicing two national campaigns for Dixie Crystals Sugar and promos for both TBS and TNT, Steve was approached by a top voice over talent within the industry. He advised Steve that voice work was his true calling and he should leverage his talents there rather than the radio world. It was some of the best advice he ever received!

Steve has since performed countless national commercials, promos, and narrations for Fortune 500 clients such as Ford Motor, Delta Airlines, Macy's, SunTrust, and UPS, as well as entertainment giants CNN, DIY network, and HGTV, and other well-known clients, such as the PGA. Each week, he collaborates with producers and directors nationwide to develop premier presentations that meet the high expectations of his broad client base.

The vast majority of Steve's sessions are performed in his state-of-the-art studio. Sessions can be recorded via ISDN, Source-Connect, ipDTL or phone patch. Steve can deliver any file type (e.g., AIFF, WAV, MP3, etc.) electronically, including MP3 auditions per client specifications.

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